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Zona Pony

Zona Pony

Fighting obessity with games

Festival of media Latam 2014III premios Iberoamericanos


we are becoming sedentary

Studies show that we spend up to 7 hours In front of a screen

Our challenge...

Use digital to take people out of digital


A game where players had to uploaded real live quests like…

#2“Becoming a ninja”
#37“In one wheel”
#42“With your team”
#50“The ollie”
#73“the 21”

And +100 more

we rewarded our players with points and coins

Reward coinReward poit

And even launch an auction house with real live world rewards

+58k people played

Spending an average of 30 min. outside digital

450k people were engaged

And most importantly…

people from all ages

from all over the country

shared their Joy

and went from clicking to moving

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together _

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